The Motion Books™! The best wedding video book.

Have you ever seen a wedding video and thought, “I want that for my own day!” But then when it came down to actually getting the film developed or transferring them onto digital media like an USB – something just didn’t feel quite right. What The Motion Books™ has done is created “the best way” possible, so not only will you and your family/friends have access, but you’ll love watching your special moments play out before you as well re-live those magic details.

The Motion Books™ – a timeless keepsake! I am super excited to announce that I’ve added The Motion Book as an option for any of my packages! It’s the perfect gift idea if you have someone celebrating their special day: newlyweds, parents, grandparent and friends.

Simple and Sleek Video Book

With its simple design & user-friendly functionality it will be something they’ll cherish forever; especially because each book has been handcrafted using high quality materials so each individual page remains visible even when displayed face down on desktop or table.

The Perfect Coffee Table Addition

Imagine a world where you can have all your memories captured in one place. With the The Motion Books™, this is now possible! These linen-bound video albums feature an elegant display with built-in audio and customizable covers that are easy to open up for instant playback or photo carrying convenience – they also come equipped 4GBs onboard memory so there’s no need find external storage devices when storing content such as your wedding video!

I want a Video Book!

Amazing! I can order and send you one with your USB – or you can use this link and order one to upload for yourself! Here are the options and the website to look at! I may be biased but I think that every couple should get one! It has never been easier to watch your video all while being on your couch. It is truly an amazing way to store and watch your wedding day over and over again.


BOOK DIMENSIONS: 8.5 x 6 x .5 in
RESOLUTION: 1024px × 600px
BATTERY: 2500mAh (rechargeable, ~4hr play time, 12 months standby)
SPEAKERS: Built-in
BOOK COVER: Fine Linen Hardcover 


  • Autoplay upon opening
  • volume control
  • skip or fast forward
  • Mac & PC compatible
  • drag & drop file loading
  • accepts most common video files
  • hot foil deboss -Gold or Black
  • customizable front cover
  • direct to client/customer shipping
  • preloading customers videos/slideshow.

Are you looking for a wedding photographer or videographer? (or both?!). I’d love to hear from you. My goal is to be your personal hype girl while capturing timeless and classic moments. Reach out and let’s chat!

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