Do you need a photographer and Videographer?

Do you need a photographer and Videographer?

The main question of wedding planning, Do you need a photographer and Videographer? Did you know that the number one regret from couples is that they wished they had hired a videographer on their wedding day?!  Adding video to your wedding day can give you more memories and feelings than just photos can. I’ll talk about a few quick points with why you’ll want a photographer and Videographer at your wedding. 

NOTE* if you think that you wont want to watch your video and share it with family and friends, still ask other friends and get quotes from vendors.  because 30 years from now when your kids or grandkids want to know about your wedding, the best way is to show them it through the eyes of someone who was there.


If you write your own vows/letters

If you write your own vows or letters, photos can only capture that you got a letter. They cannot capture the personalization of the words written to you, or the special vows written to you. If that is important to you, ask your videographer to capture audio for a overlay of your vows/letters!


Does your bridal party/sibling/parent have an epic speech planned? Does looking back at the heartfelt moments said to you by loved ones mean a lot to you? If so, a videographer is a must! I’ve had bridesmaids do full raps as speeches before and that is 100% something that only video can capture.

Partners reaction

Theres something about seeing someone cry at a wedding that is so heartwarming. With a photographer and Videographer you’ll be able to relive the full extent of the emotion during the ceremony, first look, or speeches.


Are you friends into dance battling? If so then get a videographer! You’ll want to look back and remember your friends busting out dance moves (the more embarrassing the better!) for years to come.


Zola also talks about this same thing here!


When it comes down to it, budget shouldn’t be the main thing that stops you from hiring a videographer. You only get married once and you’ll want to remember your wedding day and all of the details on of it. Even if its once a year on your anniversary you sit down and watch a 4-6 minute video to re-live it all over again in a short sitting.

Don’t regret not capturing your wedding day in it’s entirety to watch on all your anniversaries and to pass on for generations!


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