Second Shooter Tips

8 Second Shooter Tips to be the best!

Are you new to the photography world? Here is a list of 8 Second Shooter Tips to make sure you are prepared for your next gig! Remember that every photographer is different so don’t be afraid to ask questions and develop a personal relationship with them.

1. Get Creative (but not too creative!)

Let’s get these Second Shooter Tips started! My main job during the day is to make sure I get the shots I (and the couple need) not necessarily what I want when it comes to creative shots. If I am taking formal photos and you see a cool tree to put in the foreground to create some depth, do it! I also do not need someone shooting over my shoulder, but i’ll take someone from the sides to get some more variety to the gallery!

2. Be mindful of where you are

This one is BIG. Probably one of the biggest Second Shooter Tips of the day if you want people to have you back. If we are shooting and you think a shot would be cool, MAKE SURE you are always looking ay my lens and where it is aimed, or if i’m moving backwards. It takes time away when I have to ask “i’m pulling back for a white shot can you please step back”. The same thing goes for ceremonies, please don’t stand so close to the couple where all my wide shots have you in them.

3. Put your camera down sometimes

Details, details, details! Is the brides dress all bunched up on the bottom? It’s your job to go and fluff it without me asking you to. I know that as a second shooter you want all the good shots as well, but you are there for the couple to get a great gallery! And if the brides dress is wonky, or the grooms tie is sticking out, please let me know if you don’t feel comfy fixing it.

4. Ask what focal length I am using and if you should shoot wide or tight.

Typically I dual shoot and have my harness on – so this doesn’t matter for a lot of the day. When it does matter is if we are in a tight timeline and I need you to shoot tight with an 85mm or 135mm to get the detail shots fast as i’m flowing through poses. This just allows us to shoot through the day so much faster when I am not constantly switching between cameras or moving my feet to zoom.

5. Be clear of your role

This one is the hardest one to accept when you are just starting out. You’re excited! You want to get some shots for your portfolio, I get it! Buuuuuuut you are there to second shoot and be a resource to me and my company. If that means missing couples portraits because I need you to get the reception details, or the couples drinks then that is your role. I try to be fair with my seconds and give them all the good shots they would want, but sometimes that just isn’t an option.

6. Sync camera times

Just remind your main shooter to do this, thank me later.

7. Take candids

When I am taking bridal party photos, get a tight lens and focus in on the bridal party in-between shots, as they are all laughing ect. Think of this as maybe grabbing a “candid profile photo for just that bridal party member” – this also goes for guests interacting if someone hugs a guest or with the parents of the couple.

8. Take photos of me during the day!

This one is more of a bonus to get some good brownie points. Take some BTS photos of the main for them to use or just to have. It is so rare to get good photos of us working with a couple in the background. This takes a big 20 seconds and can make a huge impact on the mains opinion about you when they are going through photos of the day.

Thanks for reading my 8 Second Shooter Tips to be the best! With this as a guide, you’re well on your way to killing it as a second shooter! Remember, every photographer is different so ask questions!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer or videographer? (or both?!). I’d love to hear from you. My goal is to be your personal hype girl while capturing timeless and classic moments. Reach out and let’s chat!


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