5 Steps to hiring your wedding photographer of your dreams

5 Steps to hiring your wedding photographer of your dreams

Looking for a wedding photographer? Here are 5 Steps to hiring your wedding photographer of your dreams!

Steps to hiring your wedding photographer of your dreams

Decide on Style you want first (this is the most important!)

This is the most important factor of finding a photographer, this not only includes the editing style of your photographer, but also the way they shoot. By this I mean, do they have very formal poses, a ton of movement, lots of candids? My guess is just scrolling through Pinterest or instagram will give you a better vision of what you really want.

  • What is your approach when taking photos on a wedding day?
  • How would you consider you shooting style, relaxed, formal, fun?
  • How would you describe your editing style? (another way to say this is “We love your true to life and moody coloring in your photos!” or whatever their style is.
hiring your wedding photographer of your dreams

Do your research & Check Availability

Make sure to check availability when hiring your wedding photographer as soon as possible! I typically book up to 18 months out for weddings.

Once you reach out to photographers who are the style and portfolios you love, reach out to them and see how they respond to you. If you are a Type A bride, chances are you’ll want all the information possible and you would jive better with someone who is also Type A while working! The photographers process of responding to emails will also let you know how long they have been photographing and if they have their backend process streamlined. This means better communication and that they put time and thought into how they want their brides to feel.

Determine Budget

This one is BIG BIG BIG. Especially when posting in facebook groups ect. Make sure you have a range in mind for your photographer – “budget friendly” or “decently priced” are completely subjective to everyone. My starting packages are $2,400 for 6 hours, and others can be up to $5,000 for 6 hours. I just depends on how much you value and appreciate your wedding photographers style, approach, and what you want to put your budget towards.

hiring your wedding photographer of your dreams

Ask about Prints and Albums & Printing Rights

Do you want a coffee photo book sitting in your house? Or even printed photos on the wall? Ask about if you can do this yourself, or if you can purchase one from your photographer. Chances are your photographer will have a higher quality lab and vendors for those crispy prints and colors that match perfectly.

Most photographers will give you the option to either print them yourselves or use them, this way you can try a few out from walgreens, ect and see if you like the quality. If you dont, then order through them!


This is super boring, so I am just going to list a few questions to consider:

  • Do you require a retainer and when are the payments due?
  • What is your refund and cancellation policy?
  • Do you have second shooters you use?
  • What happens if you are not able to shoot our wedding day any longer?
  • Do you have payment plans?
  • Can we pay it all up front?
  • Do you have liability insurance?


At the end of the day hiring your wedding photographer of your dreams is the most important part of getting married. After everything is said and done, the photos and videos are the only thing that captures your day in all it’s entirety. Make sure to vet your photographer and get to know them beforehand in order to get the best outcome!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer or videographer? (or both?!). I’d love to hear from you. My goal is to be your personal hype girl while capturing timeless and classic moments. Reach out and let’s chat!

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