2022 wedding trends

2022 Wedding Trends

2022 wedding season I coming up fast, ETSY released their 2022 Wedding Trends – and I am here for it! Here are the top few I want to touch on.

2022 Wedding Trends

Bridal Bows

I saw some of this towards the end of 2021 and I LOVED IT. Bridal bows are back and better than ever! You can add a bow to the back of your dress, your straps, earrings, hair and shoes! The possibilities are endless. This is going to be such a nice touch on 2022 brides, and will always be a classic.

“After living in loungewear for the past few years, many brides are eager to get ultra-glamorous and polished for their big day, and bows offer the perfect solution.”

Regency aesthetics

Thank you to Bidgerton, we will be seeing more gloves, different lace, and different styled dresses. YES! Who doesn’t want to feel like they are getting married to a duke?!

“On Etsy, we’ve seen a 121% increase in searches for bridal gloves*, a 93% increase in searches for puff sleeve wedding dresses*, and a 78% increase in searches for pearl veils*.”

In connection with this aesthetic, there is growing interest in tea party-inspired weddings and bridal showers. Over the last three months, the number of searches for tea wedding gifts has increased by 66% *. Bride who wants to enjoy everything with this majestic theme can enjoy it with luxurious fabrics, pastel, brass accents and soft and delicate details. It’s also a great way to use vintage household items such as candle holders, tea sets and mismatched pottery.

Colorful celebrations

2021 had a lot of greenery and white flowers, but ETSY is predicting that couples are going to go a more colorful route and really capitalize on all of the beautiful summer flowers. The color of the year is emerald green, so we can still expect to see lots of greenery. and maybe even emerald colored suits!

“At the end of last year, I predicted that bright, colorful celebrations of love would be a major trend for 2022—and since then, we’ve already seen searches for colorful wedding items jump by 327%* in the last three months.”

The trend is to show your personality, bring joy to your special occasion, have fun, playful and set a completely unique festive tone. The color palette for engagement rings is also expanding.


I am in love with this one. String lights going totally over your reception area, EEEEK! My jaw always drops when I walk into a venue with thousands of string lights perfectly hung. 2022 Wedding Trends I am here for you!

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